Rotating and panning the drawing


The 3D view is rotated by holding down the ALT key whilst dragging the left mouse button.

Other mouse and key combinations for rotations are available in the Rotation Mode option of the system configuration settings.


The drawing view is translated by dragging the center mouse button.

The cursor keys can also be used to translate the drawing view.


Scrolling the mouse wheel will zoom in and out. Move the mouse cursor over the area you would like to zoom in on when scrolling.

The number pad + and - keys can also be used to zoom in and out.


ALT + double click will reset the view orientation. If Left_Middle Rotation Mode is used, holding the middle mouse button whilst left double clicking will reset the view.

If the Left_Middle Rotation Mode is used, hold down the middle mouse button while double clicking the left button to reset the view.

The view can also be reset by selecting the View - Zoom To Fit menu option.

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