Generating Toolpaths and GCode

CamBam uses CAM machining operations to generate toolpaths and machining instructions. CAM operations are sometimes referred to as MOPs (machining operations).

The following CAM operations are currently supported:

2.5D Profile - Creates toolpaths offset from selected geometry.

Pocketing - Fills a region bounded by geometry to create a pocket.

Engraving - Used to insert toolpaths that follow selected geometry.

Drilling - Creates drilling instructions from point list objects.

3D Surfacing - 3D Meshes can profiled using multi pass roughing or finishing profiles.
Front back and molds are also supported.

GCode - Gcode files can be imported as machining instructions.

Once the CAM operations are defined, GCode is generated by right clicking the Machining object in the tree view and selecting Create GCode File.

The Create GCode File option is also available by right clicking on each machining operation or each Part. This will generate gcode for just the selected machining operation or part.

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