Tools Menu

CamBam has a number of utility functions grouped in the Tools menu.

  • Save settings

    Saves system configuration settings and any modified system libraries or post processors.

  • Save settings on exit

    If this menu item is checked, configuration and other system changes will be saved automatically when CamBam is closed.

  • Browse system folder

    Opens the folder containing CamBam system files (libraries, post processors, samples, scripts etc).
    The location of this folder can be specified in the System Path configuration setting.

  • Options

    Opens a window where system configuration settings can be maintained.

  • Check for new version

    Determines whether there are any newer CamBam updates available from the CamBam website.

  • Clear messages

    Clears messages from the information window below the drawing window.

  • Get object extremas

    Shows the extrema points and dimensions of the selected drawing objects.

    Min: minimum coordinates of the object in X, Y and Z are separated by a comma.
    Example: X=-60, Y=-50.000..., Z=0

    Max: maximum coordinates of the object in X, Y and Z are separated by a comma.
    Example: X=60, Y=50.000..., Z=15.000...

    Width, Height, Depth Maximum dimensions of the object in drawing units.

  • Measure (M shortcut key)

    Allows you to draw a line to make a measurement between two points.

    The measurement result is displayed in a new window.

  • Reload post processors

    Reloads all the post processor definitions from disk. This may be needed if a post processor has been modified from another instance of CamBam.

  • Simulate with CutViewer

    Starts the third-party software CutViewer Mill, to provide a 3D machining simulation from the Gcode file produced. To avoid having to provide CutViewer parameters manually, you must use a post processor designed to work with this software. (E.g. Mach3-CV for milling, Mach3-Turn-CV for turning). You must also define a stock object in the machining or Part objects.

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