Viewing and editing gcode

CamBam can be used to view and edit the output gcode. It is also possible to specify an external gcode editor for this purpose.

To invoke the gcode editor, use the Machining - Edit gcode menu option, or from the context menu presented when right clicking the machining folder in the drawing tree.

Edit gcode currently only edits the top level Machining gcode file. To edit gcode created from Parts or individual machining operations it is necessary to open these manually.

To find the location of the created gcode file, Browse gcode folder from the Machining context menu can be used. This will open Windows Explorer to the gcode folder location.

The tool used to open gcode files can be set in the GCode Editor property of the system configuration settings.

In the following example, Windows notepad has been defined as the gcode editor.

Gcode files can also be view and their toolpaths displayed (or back plotted) using the NC File operation . Double clicking the NC File object in the drawing tree will invoke the gcode editor on the source gcode of the NC File operation.

See the Back Plotting section for more information.

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